Another Fuji Slide convert here. I've heard a lot of people say to try Ektar as the negative closest to the Velvia saturation magic, so I shot a few rolls a week ago on holiday, very unimpressed, just flat and boring and the deep blue sky of Velvia was just a cyan mess on Ektar, even with a CPL. It's Velvia all the way for me from now on.
(disclaimer: I might change my mind one day, I just got an enlarger so I'll try some RA4 before I consign Ektar to the useless bucket, it definitely doesn't scan as well as Velvia that's for sure).

Regarding printing, the only way to get anything on paper with slides is Internegatives or scan+inkjet, I too got here too late to enjoy the glory-days of Cibachrome.
To tack on my own question to this thread, if I may: when creating internegatives, what to use? I know there used to be special internegative film, is there any still made new? Or should I just use Portra or something? And does the high-saturation of films like Velvia make it through the interneg stage to the paper, or do the colours take on the tones of whatever interneg I use?

For commercial scanning recommendations I can't help you as I'm on the wrong side of a few ponds, I'm sure someone from your neck of the woods will pipe up when it's morning for you guys. Definitely consider getting one of your own scanner if you plan to do a lot, 300 for a V700 starts rapidly making sense if you're paying 10 for a 4x5 scan, plus you get a lot more control and can do it again whenever you want.

But I'll certainly also recommend a projector for the occasional viewing (too bad you can't project permanently or they'll overheat and fade eventually). Another option is an enlarger with a negative carrier, then you can just run the strip through and you don't need to mount them into slide holders for a real projecter.