The pedant in me needs to chime in here in support of CollinB. Outside of winemaking, the word vintage is an adjective, with reference to either a particular year or period of time, or as an example of the best of something. So unless used in reference to vino, it should always be a modifier, either to identify when it was produced, or what it is an example of the best of. For example, "That wide colorful tapestry style camera strap with the big silver buckle is vintage '70s! Groovy!", or "Your print Moonrise, Hernandez, NM is vintage Ansel Adams." It matters not how long ago the period of time was, so "vintage '90s" is in fact appropriate as is "This Nikon Df is vintage 2013", while "Old camera, NR, not sure if it works. Minty! Vintage!" as one may find on a certain auction site, is not. Someone using the word "vintage" should be answering the question "Vintage what?" in their sentence.
That is all. Carry on.