Thanks PE, I started with 50R and that got me in the ball park. Here's how my night went, developing prints from 4x5 Ektar on Arista paper in Arista chemicals at 104 degrees in a Unicolor drum, using the recommended 60ml:

Test print one at f8 x 2 second strips: way too dark, only the 2 second strip had any detail and one corner of the print was white with an uneven "chemical border". Conclusion: use 70 ml and less exposure.

Test 2: f16 @ 2 sec. Much better. The 2 second strip looked best, and using my handy dandy viewing filters I decided to add 20M and 20% time and go for a print. No more white corner, so I stick with 70ml, which IIRC is what I used to use for Ilfochrome.

Print 1: f22@ 4.4 sec, 50Y/70M. Uh-oh, somethings wrong. Its very dark and hideous. Crap. I forgot to take the Chromega head off "white light" after refocusing.

Print 2: same as above, only right this time.

Results: Me, grinning from ear to ear with a very satisfactory RA-4 print! I'll look at it again tomorrow and see if it can be tweaked, but I was quite pleased. I can tell I'm going to like this even more than Ilfochrome already.

Other notes: Its very, very hard for me to focus color negatives. Very nearly impossible. Even wide open with no filters, I could barely make out any grain. Do I need to get my eyes checked?

Seems like I had to stop down pretty far to get reasonable exposure time. Not sure what's up with that.

I thought RA-4 Blix is supposed to smell horrible? I like the smell! It smells sweet and fruity! The developer smells like possum urine. But I think I want to try trays, knowing now that the blix isn't bad at all.

All in all, two thumbs up and I'm addicted like I knew I would be.