Dear All,

First of all, thanks for all the positive feedback, greatly appreciated :

I will get round to answering most questions over the next day or so if you have them, I have been on vacation for a week, hence why someone else posted the launch news on the APUG site...I did'nt forget you !.

I have been living with the development of our new FB range for nearly two year's, its been very exciting, I have to say they are easy to print with, just faster, and having seen the CLASSIC D.Max it knocks you out it really does....and I know it sounds daft but they really do look sharper ( and they are ) we look forward to all your feedback when you get a chance to use them.

As to FB COOLTONE, I personally have always preferred Cooler Images, with discernable grain as opposed to Warmer, Grain free images. But this is why it was so important to have a WARM / NUETRAL and COOL TONE family of products, using different devs you can now get 9 degrees of separation from WARM WARM to COOL COOL dependant on dev choices... yes our COOLTONE dev is currently unavailable, but other makes of chemistry are available ! and Edwal is great, Moersch is great Tetenal is great, so we are lucky to have so much choice.

Choice.....thats what its all really about, 20 years ago we had lots of FB papers to choose from to give us the 'look' we wanted, now not so many but with our new range and those from other makers we can still get an end result we can be happy with to suite our personal tastes...

The monochrome FB print from a film neg, is and will remain the ultimate expression of our craft after of course the shutter is opened and closed...

Finally, yes, CLASSIC is the same price as the product it replaces and COOLTONE is the same price as CLASSIC not WARMTONE, that price has also not changed but was always higher than MGIVFB.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :