Jeremy, I had a 3047 mounted on my surveyors tripod for years up until I went to 12X20 and went to the Majestic head. You are correct that a surveyors tripod is pretty sturdy. On my surveyors tripod the hole in the upper plate was smaller then the base of the 3047 head. I took a 3/16 X1 inch strap of aluminum plate that was longer then the diameter of the hole in the tripod upper plate and drilled a large enough hole in the aluminum strap to allow the passage of a bolt of the correct size for the 3047 mount. I first threaded a nut onto the bolt then placed the aluminum strap on the bolt and brought it up from the bottom through the hole in the tripod upper plate. I then screwed the 3047 onto the bolt. When this was tight I screwed the nut up against the strap to tightened the whole affair into the tripod top plate. Hope that my directions make sense. If the hole in the tripod upper plate were too large for the 3047, I would then have a washer of sufficiently larger size shim the tripod upper plate. Good luck.