Personally I'd hate to see the BPX tribalized by splitting it up regionally. So often regional differences between cultures just melt away when people are in one-to-one contact with each other at any level.

It's a lesson I learned very early while working at Disneyland during my undergraduate college days. One learns very quickly when dealing directly with someone from halfway around the world that it's just another person not so different from you.

When you send a BPX print to someone, also write them a nice long letter. Talk about your experiences. Ask them about theirs. Respond back to them about the print they sent you. Use photography as an excuse to get to know them. Make a friend. Were it not for the BPX exercise you would never have known they existed at all.

It's not always such a good idea to surround yourself with only those who look, act, and think exactly like you do.

That's the real value I see in an international BPX. And well worth the penalty of a little extra bubble wrap and additional postage.