Dude, film is passe. Fashions have nothing to do with the physical qualities of any particular medium, except for Ilfochrome which is not commercially available except for 2 or 3 labs worldwide with leftover paper stocks and therefore not something to recommend to a newbie!

As to printing techniques, there are still none (not even Ilfochrome) that can match the presentation dynamic range of a slide. Prints are far easier to share and view than slides and that's why I primarily shoot C41 instead of E6, but we can't pretend that prints are as good as projected chromes.

If prints are what you want instead of the ultimate in quality - that's the decision that I made - then shoot C41. It's easier, produces higher quality prints (RA4 or hybrid/digital) and with more flexibility. You do lose the ability to look at strings of beautiful little jewels coming back from the lab though