We've all been stopped from making exposures by changing light, people interrupting, limited time, forgetting film or equipment, scenes changing and so on...

But what is the strangest reason that prevented you from making an exposure?

For me it was a dead kitty in the middle of the road.

Sunday, on our way home from a snowy hike, my girlfriend and I encountered a beautiful scene involving a farm, fresh tire tracks in the snow, a lovely fence line, some gorgeous snow covered weeds, and glowacious soft winter light. Sadly, just ahead of where I would have had to stop there was a dead kitty laying in the road. It was a somber sight but probably wouldn't have prevented me from working on my own, but I was not on my own. My girl is incredibly supportive and always happy to stop and work but I knew doing so here would have put her in a funk for the rest of the day. She's a sweetheart and loves little animals. I didn't hesitate... just kept on driving and got past the cat as quickly as possible.

(There was no question as to the state of the poor thing or else I would have checked on it...)