I went to the cricket on Sunday, to see us aussies wipe the floor with the poms. I took my digital but left it in the bag until the very end for when I was out of film. First I had 3 rolls of TXP to use up on my EOS 3, with 70-300L and Kenko 1.4x t/c, effective f/8 and 1/500-1500.
Mostly I was pointing at the batter as the bowler came in, trying to get some action shots of batter hitting the ball.
But with 90 overs in the day and 6 balls an over for those yanks who don't understand cricket, I obviously didn't have enough frames to shoot *every* time. So mostly I was just snapping the occasional shot, trying to pick when the batter would let it past or block and ignore those, only take the 'action' shots (as much of 'action' as you can get at a test match).
So at some point the bowler was running in (kept my left eye open), my right eye on the batter through the lens. And it didn't look like he was going to do anything so I just froze, didn't take the shot. Clean bowled him. Same thing happened again a few overs later, missed a great short-fielder catch because my finger just froze. No idea why, it's not like I made a conscious decision to not take the shot, I just didn't. (maybe it was all the Pimms). Still, I got 3 rolls of perfect shots of them blocking and leaving and (probably) no action shots...