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The handbooks that came with the camera itemized caveats for each lens type used close up.

Only the macro was perfect if you floated the ring ok

The 127 might just vignette with both tubes the others worse

the 65 and 55 needed f/16 or smaller and only short tube


too difficult to remember think mamiya have ecopys on their site the soft focus is bad enough...

I resisted the temptation to buy either tube.
Hmm I tend to use the 180mm with #2 tube or both tubes. Sometimes the 90mm but never the 50mm

Anyway I haven't noticed any bad CA actually, but I have the RZ W lenses? Maybe those are better?

I would Consider a trade of a macro for one of my RZ lenses since I mostly use it for macro anyway. But probably wouldn't want to invest $ into it.

I can understand the flattening the scene part though.

If anyone is interested let me know, in the mean time congrats again OP looks like you have something spectacular