Mr Stafford - is that a Dino you got there!? My second favorite Ferrari, although I am a Porche lover first and foremost, I'd have no pulse if I couldn't appreciate that car! Not to mention the monster it eventually donated its heart to (glad they signed those donor cards!) - the Lancia Stratos!

Oh, and Nicole - for display? IF ONLY!!! Its tucked away in a case on a shelf in a closet under other crap - its not even being looked at!!! I think its some kind of crime against humanity - I want to plant a flag in it and claim it for all man kind (if I could not break it and get arrested in the process )!

Not many people believe me - but with these wonderful things, like Porsches, Leicas, Hasselblads, etc., with me it really is not the money or percieved status - I think I would love Porsches every bit as much if they cost less than my VW - its what they are that I love. And then there are people like my uncle... poseurs... ok, end of rant.