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CA is not the problem, it's usually coma and SA. Optical aberrations reference.

Nope. RZ W are generally optically identical to RB lenses. Some (KL) RB lenses are even newer than the older RZ lenses, for example:
- RZ 180 W is a Tessar and I think identical to an RB 180 C
- RZ 180 W-N is a Sonnar and identical to an RB 180 KL

So the RB 180 KL is in fact a newer, slightly sharper-wide-open lens than an RZ 180 W. Slightly different look, some prefer the older.

KEH and eBay have plenty make sure you get the M-LA version. It's a spectacular lens for sure.
Interesting thanks, hadn't realized, if I could change anything I would simply wish that the RB backs would not have foam rubber but simply like traps like the RC Pro II do, I would probably switch to the Arby anyway because I like the fact that you don't need a battery with them. But I do like the interlock cocking the shutter and the mirror and rotating the film to advance it all in one movement option that the RZ has that the RB does not.

I wasn't looking to purchase though as I said I am only interested in trading so KEH won't work for me since it's a purchase site isn't it? (Never used it).