Oh darn it, I was waiting all night (3am now) for your reply.

I literally ordered a newer boxed version of the Philips PCS 2000 about 10 minutes ago! This was 10 GBP more and he said the Newton glass was only really required for medium format negatives (I hope I am not sounding like an eejit here! LOL)

For whatever reason nobody seems to be selling enlargers here in Ireland and to get any of Ebay that will post is a rarity, the only others (and I have been living on ebay for too long) were entry level type efforts.

I am delighted to get a box with it as I've decided to make my tiny bedroom a temporary darkroom. That means I can stick it back into the cupboard and I currently have little space where I am living. I should be able to build an Ansel darkroom next year and I can buy the biggest baddest enlarger I like.

I know what you saying about simplicity although compared to my Quantum Physics assignment which I should be doing instead of trawling Ebay it shouldn't be too complicated (what is LOL). It is supposed to be quite rigid, has 3 readily available bulbs (I checked), the power here is not wonky, it does colour and this is something I may get into, my Schneider-S fits the mount (the manual said so), it does support 6x6 although I'll try 35mm first and try and master this first.

I read a lot of reviews all night and it seems like a good unit and the seller seems to be an experienced and genuine fellow.

I'll see if anyone in the local University club wants to buy the other one and I'll fire the Ilford Multigrade filters in with it. If not Ebay, I did pay 28 plus 15 postage (43) for the PCS 1000 and there were a lot of bids on it!

So 65 for something that is next to new, boxed, higher spec and works is fine by me! The cost of a night out on town here without the hangover

It seems London is the place to buy darkroom equipment, they are giving it away but you need to collect it!

I hope I'm right and maybe I'll put up a few photos here (can you do this here?) to see what you think.

Developing last Saturday's roll tomorrow, Delta 100 pro, and I'll use the fixer for the previous roll you were advising me about (lack of fixing time)