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I find HDTV's presents HD photos very well because they are backlit. The other advantage is it's easy to just switch on a
slide show on the HDTV before your guests become aware what you're up too. With slide projectors, as soon as your guests see you pull out the projector to show them 30 minutes of your last boring vacation, they get a sudden headache, grab their coat and tell you they have to go home to rest, even skipping the great desert you prepared. With HDTV's, you slip it in during the half time out.
Oddly enough I did a slide show this past weekend with a full tray of 80 slides and had people not only looking forward to it but asking if I didn't have more and calling it awesome.

Reasons for this were partly the novelty these days, the impact of projected slides, and the fact I was documenting in slides activities the entire group had participated in over the past year. The "run for the hills, he's going for the projector" reaction is something I just never see anymore replaced now by appreciation.

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