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With RA-RT developer replenisher and no starter, I use 2' at 68 and 1' at 100. Draw a line through these. I use tray at 68 and drum at 100. For large prints at 68, I use a drum sometimes.

My color varies by no more than 10M or R depending on the phase of the moon.

Well that's pretty darned easy. That range is 60 seconds of time over 32 degrees of temperature, which is close enough to two seconds per degree if the slope is constant. Very easy. And as for color, I would be working almost entirely within the range from 68F (winter) to 75F or so in summer, so the variation should be much less than it would be going all the way up to 100. And the lower end of that would only happen in winter if I started printing before warming the darkroom. In practice I generally turn on the heat down there ahead of time, or at least while setting up, so the actual range is going to be more like 72-75. Liquids are always a bit below ambient (evaporative cooling, I think) but I like it fairly warm when doing quiet, still work like in the darkroom. So my actual variation would probably be a matter of three, maybe at most five degrees.

I'm not going to do it now in my still temporary and unventilated darkroom, but the work on the downstairs plumbing starts next week. Once I have a darkroom with running water and ventilation again, I think I'll be ready to get back into printing color.