I normally shoot Ektar 100 in 120, but I do love projecting my 35mm slides.

So I was thinking, when I want to make slides, maybe I can just put my 6x9 negatives in some sort of carrier for my Nikon N90s, and strike the slides I want from the negatives onto 35mm Vision Premier Color Print Film. Along the way I realized how cheap the C-41 chemicals are, and thought that I might be able to run both processes (C-41 and ECP-2D) using the same bleach, fixer, and if necessary for both, "final rinse". I would be mixing my own ECP developer from the Kodak recipe right before I use it: I know it's not too shelf-stable.

Sounds to me like a great setup, at least in theory. I would be able to develop my negatives, look them over, and strike slides from them in the same day (ATL-2 makes it easy).

My question is, can I use the C-41 bleach, fix, and final rinse for ECP-2D?
Also, should there be a stop bath after development in one process, both, or neither?
And if anyone has experience exposing Vision Premier Color Print Film, your exposure settings please. Thanks!