I ran a whole set of tests in the same lighting from 1 second to 1/125th so I could evaluate the slow shutter speeds since I suspected an issue with the slow speeds. The exposures are all identical for every shutter setting with the exception of 1/30th. When watching the shutter curtain close at 1/30th you can see the curtain travel speed appears slow and is not always constant. It seems to slow toward the end of it's travel when flash sync is in M and it may not even close at all when the flash sync selector is in X. Otherwise all looks to be great with this camera. I moved to a brighter area to test the higher speeds and they appear to be working correctly too so it's only 1/30th. Perplexing......

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I don't quite understand the part about overexposure. Is only 1/30 time affected? Or all or all the slow or fast speeds? Constant 1,5 stops off is almost unimaginable with this type of shutter, but if it's 1/30 only and it doesn't look like "lazy shutter", my guess would be the flash issue we've been talking about earlier has indeed something to do here. Lazy shutter curtain would also affect the slower speeds, at least you should be able to see it spoiling 1/15 also.