Hi everyone,

I am looking at buying an FM or FE as a second 35mm body. My primary 35mm camera is an FM2, but there is an FE and FM for sale locally for essentially the same price.

I'm just wondering if anyone can chime in on some advantages/disadvantages of both, mainly in terms of functionality. Here is what I know:

FM screen not interchangeable but I don't care too much about this - is it essentially the same screen as my FM2?

FE is (obviously) electronic - I will be shooting in manual pretty much always so this may actually be more of a pain (battery required for full range of shutter speeds). I assume the batteries will drain much much faster than in the FM?

Metering - FE has match needle and FM has same LEDs as FM2, correct? LEDs are better for low light and I am used to them, so maybe a slight advantage, although needle would be slightly more precise.

In terms of handling - does the FM shutter button not lock when the wind lever is pushed in? Seems like that might be a bit of a pain.

Also any difference in shutter vibration and mirror slap between the two?

And is there anything else I should be taking into account?