I had all but forgotten about Mesquite Camera & Repair. This is in a suburb on the east side of Dallas. It is only 10-15 minutes from my house. Although close, they were (years ago) one of the smaller photo stores, and there were others better stocked and "on my way" between home and work, etc.

Well, of course, all of the other stores are either gone or have replaced silver with silicon.

I went out to Mesquite this afternoon just to see how he was doing. Well, he's struggling, but he's there! He has film, chemicals, paper, tanks, tongs, trays, neg storage, etc. He said that he had an Ilford order that should be in next week. He has a big sign in the window that says: "Black and White In-House Lab".

He did comment that the nearest junior college had stopped teaching B&W recently, but that several of the area high schools still did! Good for the high schools!

Anyway, it's another small outpost in the continuation of analog. I intend to give him as much business as I can.

Best wishes to Mesquite Camera!!!