I wanted an Hasselblad - and for obvious (money) reasons could not get a good used one. I'd considered Bronica, Mamiya, and Pentax (67II), and two factors influenced my final decision.

1) In my price range
2) Meets my basic needs (not desires)

One need was removable backs, so that ruled out the Pentax. While I still kept my eye on Hasselblad, I started leaning toward Bronica GS-1 because it offered what I wanted and because of the weight. Then a good deal appeared on ebay - so now I have one.

I learned Bronica was quite a workhorse for weddings. I'd never learned of any notable pros who used it, but never even cared to look for that kind of information.

I understand the OP was just curious, no problem with that... and I still want an Hasselblad