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I was taking some nigh shots of sea and stars...

I regained consciousness in the ER the next day. A ship found my boat 10 miles off shoe with me inside. There was nothing in the boat - no paddles, camera bag, knife, nothing. They did however found a photo of a beautiful young girl in my hands. It was her.

Nah, just kidding. That was about the strangest story I could think of. I got nothing but the usual out of batteries, forgot film and the stuff.
You should have added that a kidney had been harvested

True story here - when I was a child (less than 13 years old) I saw an UFO while playing in our back yard. It was the middle of the day - I saw a very shiny object, that appeared to be the edge of disc, moving across the sky. I wanted to get my parents and my camera, but I just kept watching it... for too long. As it turned, I saw it was merely the glare of the sun off an ordinary jet. Too bad I was enthralled with it or I'd have had a cool picture.