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The FM I know nothing about. I used to have an FE though. Nice camera. But one day it up and died for no reason whatsoever. So I bought an FG for $10, since I had owned one once and liked it. The FG is small and light w/ a nice sounding shutter. I don't much like those LED readouts for the shutter speeds though. I much preferred the FE's analog swinging needle meter. In bright sun those LED's are darned hard to see.

How do you buy one for 10 bucks? You look for those ads that say that the camera doesn't work, and if the seller gives you a pic that shows that the mirror is jammed up, that's your camera. In all likelihood all you'll have to do is put fresh batteries in it, set the shutter speed dial to 'B', and try to fire it. Then put the dial to 'A' and it should fire. Replacing the foam on the top where the mirror hits is a good idea at this point, but not absolutely necessary. This little drill has worked for the last 3 FG's I've owned. Very nice (and cheap) little camera. The FE2 is a lot better, but it's a lot more money, and I also had one of those that just stopped working for no reason.
It is best to replace the foam on mirror box and back door ASAP a bit getting to shutter could be instant origami in metal. None of the vertical metal shutters are good at digesting foreign objects.
Better? for better I hear nicer male jewelery or pretty girls.
The EM, FG and FG-20 are ok cameras their kit E lens ok when you strip it to relube, they will take hard use my three FG have dinked metal showing and split plastic panels held together with glue.