Hi Guys,

I am currently using Nikon D800 and I love creating Fine Art images. I would like to try my hand on a View Camera and I would like to use an 8x10. I was searching on the internet and I think my budget fits with a new Chamonix 8x10. Do you guys have any feedback on this camera?

Also, I am shooting landscapes since I took photography and I would like to have a wide angle lens for my 8x10. I am looking at Rodenstock Sinonar-S 210mm or the Nikkor W-210mm. Any of you who experienced using these lenses on the Chamonix? My concern is which lens board to use and if the bellows on the Chamonix would get in the way for 210mm lens.

I am really hoping to get expert advice from you guys before I make the purchase.

Thank you.