you don't have to be super-rich to own a Rolleiflex. For the money that a Fuji GF670 costs, you can get a nice Rollei 2.8F or maybe even a GX. If you don't have to have an internal meter, for less than half the price of a GF you can get a 2.8E (the reason I say no internal meter on the E is that the E is now 50+ years old and most of the meters in the E models are somewhere between less than fully accurate and flat-out dead). But the big question is your shooting style - do you think in rectangular composition, or are you comfortable with square? what about viewing style? are you comfortable with waist-level viewing or do you have to have the camera at eye level all the time? do you compose tight or loose? Answer these questions first and you'll be much further along in your decision-making.