Traveled the world in my Navy career with a Nikon Ftn a Nikonos 2 and a Rollie T collected along the way. First it must be comfortable in your hands and operate logically for you with control placements. My father had Kodak folders with prism finders. TLR was not a big jump to something I was not used to. Weight is always a personal issue. It must be handy while operating not a burden. My Nikon F was always too heavy for my wife to be happy shooting it and she loves her Nikon DSLR. Then there is the square format vs the rectangular. Shooting 'square' you have to remember there are both a vertical and/or a horizontal print format most likely to follow. And then there is the "I just want to try that" adventure. No right, no wrong, just learning. Go for it with what is available in your price range.