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Contax II is the ultimate camera for me! I'd give my three analog SLR cameras (Ricoh XR-1s, borked and corroded XR-1, Carena CX-300) and four lenses (including two Pentax lenses and two of unmentionable brands), plus Moskva 5 (needs CLA, but the bellows, rangefinder and faster speeds are OK), Zorki 4 and beaten up to death and not quite sharp Industar 61 L/D, for a Contax II (or a Leica II or III, for that matter) in good condition, with a standard lens. I'm serious. If someone is up for a swap and is willing to pay for all the shipping/customs to/from Poland, please PM me. I'll add 1m long Kaiser's release cable and a bag of random spare parts if it's still 2013. I can make photos. Else I'll just continue living with what I have and maybe some day I'll buy one.

I've been working for some short time on a Kiev 4am with a Helios 103. What can I say...
Your best bet is to find an early Kiev say pre '60 and fix any worn bits.
The Contax IIs are similar and also have light leaks and uneven frame spacing... Only the name plate is significantly different, but they are pretty.
Leica II are well expensive, Contax II a lot cheaper.