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Your best bet is to find an early Kiev say pre '60 and fix any worn bits.
The Contax IIs are similar and also have light leaks and uneven frame spacing... Only the name plate is significantly different, but they are pretty.
Leica II are well expensive, Contax II a lot cheaper.
Any of these cameras will need work, if only a cleaning, due to their age. You can get a Contax II w/o lens, in need of CLA and shutter tapes for ~ USD 100, there's one on feepay BIN for USD 75 right now. A Leica II or III will cost more, say ~USD 150-225, needing CLA and curtains. If you are able to do this kind of work, there's a lot of bargains out there.
Having seen first-hand what sometimes passes for a CLA, I'd not purchase a camera advertised as freshly CLA'd unless the seller could document the work was done by a skilled and reputable person - then I wouldn't buy it anyway, because I can do the work myself and I'm cheap.