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My second Zorki arrived today, a Zorki-3C from 1956 with an older, silver Jupiter-8. The camera is in very good shape aesthetically but it does have some slow speed shutter issues. With a shutter setting of 1 second the front curtain typically won't complete it's travel across the frame. The remaining slow speeds work but the front curtain was noticeably slow to begin but has improved a bit with use. It will still hang on occasion. Slow shutter times appear to be about 1 stop slower than indicated. On the B setting, in the beginning, the front curtain usually did not complete its travel and I would have to wind and shoot again. With use it is more likely to complete it's travel than not but it still hangs on occasion. 1/25th just appears slow. In the film compartment the toothed sprocket for the film does not rotate freely and has considerable drag when set to rewind, as if there was thick cold grease in it. I can return this item but I would rather try to repair it myself or have the seller reduce my cost and get it repaired. Thoughts?

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Showing front curtain hung:
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Gears with dirt/gunk:
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Regarding your statement E.; I understand completely now. These little cameras are intriguing. Kind of like having an old car to tinker with.
Looks like the body and lens are the same year - a good sign, possibly the original lens for that body.