The RZ67 was designed to replace the RB from the get go. No doubt whatsoever. It was only later that they finally realized people were going to keep buying the RB (for whatever reasons) and decided to keep making them. I am sure they would have preferred to not bother, probably. But the money was too good, I'd guess.

What functionality was lost? None that I can think of. Everything was/is a gain - which is why it was designed as a replacement. the RZ is a superb system, and especially these days with the crazy cheap prices, no reason not to choose it over the RB. RZ lenses are actually cheaper in many cases than RB lenses (more of them available, the APOs for example).


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RZ67 Pro was introduced in 1982.

The RB67 Pro-SD was introduced 8 years later in 1990 - it replaced the RB67 Pro-S which had been current for 17 years.

The RZ series may very well have been intended to eventually replace the RB series, but not immediately.

With the RZ series you lost functionality in some areas, while gaining in others. It certainly didn't make the RB series equipment second class.