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Also, are there anysuggestions of quantities of products to buy based on their life expectancy or is this not a problem with the individual ingredients, only the stock and working solutions?

Sorry to have so many questions on this subject, but I've never worked with any chemicals other than those that say "Dilute this to so much water" or Dektol
Depends on your storage conditions and all, and how much chemicals you use.... sometimes, when you buy chemicals, they simply come in sealed plastic bags, which may be harder to store once you open them up. I prefer glass or plastic bottles, but you don't always get these from photo chemical places unless you buy more than say 100 or 200 grams worth.

The shelf life of each chemical varies, unfortunately I don't have any info on my at the moment for the different parts of Pyrocat-HD, fixer, etc.

Make sure you buy enough to mix several solutions of stock solution, that way you have more in case you mess up and it gives you enough to test with. Also, chemicals are usually get cheaper per gram when you buy more.