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Emphasis is yours, and I have no issues saying that we don't always want to always be US led, neither would you want to have an APUG dominated by Europeans or others.

A European BPX would bring people together (in Europe) that would be positive for APUG as a whole. Diversity is good for APUG long term, that's why I think people from outside Europe should back off and let Europeans decide for themselves if they want their own BPX.

I do agree that a European only BPX would in fact bring members together in the UK.

However, I disagree with the fact that it would become an additional, I think that if you end up making a specialized European version, that many of the European members of the current BPX would and up deciding to choose between the two, rather than participate in both, and I think that's where the issue lies, that it would end up splitting up the current membership and participation. That's all I was saying, I suppose you could give it a try and see what happens. Want to run it's Ian?

I think I'll start a New England only BPX hehe