The Program A was a budget version of the Super A. It is not particularly easy to change the shutter speeds unless you adjust the aperture to get the speed you want. However, it does have some benefits.

First, it is one of the few Pentax film cameras that can work with the newer digital lenses that do not come with an aperture ring. Obviously, if the lens does not cover the full image circle of 35mm film then there will be vignetting but several newer Pentax digital lenses do cover the full frame circle.

Next, it is a very small and very light camera, so it is quite easy to pack around.

Third, it uses the easily available S76 button cell batteries.

The programmed exposure is pretty accurate and it has 2 stops of positive and negative exposure compensation.

Fifth, it is actually a pretty simple camera to use.

Now, as has already been mentioned. The price mentioned for repair seems a bit high for this camera since a working version can be purchased for much less. And it really does not have to be this one. Pentax produce several similar types during this era. I guess a lot of it boils down to how much sentiment is attached.