I am sure we all have had similiar goofs, forgeting to pull the slide, not loading both sides of the film holder, getting the chemestry in the wrong order.

Here is a funny experience I had years ago. I was in south Jersey shooting the front of the Noyes Museum with my 4x5 Sinar F when a gentleman approached me and asked, "Where's the rest of the camera?" Obviously he was joking, so I said, "There's plenty of camera right here." He then showed me what he was carrying, an oil painting of the legendery, demonic "Jersey Devil." He said he was going into the museum to see if it was worth anything.

I then asked him very seriously, straight faced, "Now, did he pose for that or did he give you a photograph to use?" He then gave me a shocked look as if I was the Jersey Devil himself, and without saying a word, hurried away in silence, leering at me from over his shoulder.

I wasn't joking, was I? :wink: