Depends on the body. Some of them, like Linhof and Fuji, have proprietary lens mounts and helicals with calibrated scales for focusing, and some of them use only groundglass focusing, so you can mount any lens that covers the format.

Many 4x5" lenses have enough image circle to cover 617.

I had one of the 617 backs for a while, and it was interesting to use, but ultimately, I decided other formats were more convenient. It's similar to 4x10", which I can shoot using a half-darkslide mask in my 8x10" camera, and I also have a medium format Noblex, which sometimes works better aesthetically, and can be enlarged with a 4x5" enlarger. When I want the non-swing-lens perspective, I always have the options of 2x5" or 4x10", without the focal length restrictions of a 617 extension back on 4x5", so the dedicated 617 back didn't seem like enough of an advantage to keep it, and 120 Kodachrome being long gone, it's not as if there is a rollfilm emulsion that I would want that I can't get in sheet film.