Hi Bill Burk!

Thank you for your explanation! I read Ralphs instructions on that excel sheet once again...and came to the conclusion, that i missed one IMPORTANT point!...to change the EI --> 2/3 less speed in this field,...so 400 --> 250 for HP5 and 125 --> 80 for FP4. Then i had to change the logH min until the curve, the red and black line intersected...! i think i can use these results now... Bill what is your opinion on the filmspeed and development times provided by the excel sheets for fp4 and hp5 (i attached them once again after changing the parameters i described above).

Thank you for your help! Best regards, christoph.

P.S.: So tomasz, stating that from above is the answer to your question "but why for HP5 effective film speed is so low ~10 for 400 iso film (summary tab)?"
Have you got a similar problem...so maybe that is the solution...! ;-)