Well, I just took the plunge! Not a very deep one, but a plunge never the less. I just order some Arista Premium Liquid developer(same as Clayton's F76+) from Freestyle and plan on using it with mainly Arista EDU Ultra 200 and Fuji Acros, both in 120. I needed a store-bought developer to keep on hand for use when my grandkids come over or when I run out of certain chems and need a quick developer. The only other store-bought developer I have is a half bottle of original Rodinal. Tells you how much developer I buy. All my other developers (fx37, Pyrocat-MC, Peceptol/Microdol clone, d-23) are homemade. I've heard good things about Clayton's F76+/Arista Premium Liquid and hope it works with the Arista EDU Ultra 200/Foma 200. Anyone tried the combination? JohnW