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I tried F76+ in its FA-1027 guise from Photographers' Formulary, but I used it with TMax 100 and FP4+. It's a wonderful developer that will give results reminiscent of D76, but the 'cleaner' negs with less base fog. As usual, there is no real magic to a film developer. It's a very good product.
That's all I'm really looking for and I like the"clean" negative part as that's a plus. I remember my days 30+ years ago chasing that magic bullet in a college photography class 101. It involved Edwal's FG7 and the 15% sulfite addition. We were all suppose to use only HC110 dil. B, but I was going to cheat. I wanted good tonal range, sharpness and fine grain with Tri-X so I went with FG7 and the sulfite addition. Well, instead of just being happy with 15% I thought why not get even finer grain with 30% or more. I don't have to tell you the rest of the story. I ended up staying with just diluted FG7 after trying to get fine grain and anything that resembled a sharp negative, with the addition of the extra Sodium Sulfite. There are no magic bullets, but there are some that shoot a little flatter and straighter. JohnW