I spoke with the Hotel (Residence Inn Cleveland Westlake) and they said feel free to entertain. They have a nice room, photos attached. We can bring in food and drinks, photo prints to share etc., and to be expected we will need to clean up after ourselves. The lady at the desk also mentioned a second area upstairs, but no details as yet, but a rumor of a pool table exists.

This is where they serve their morning breakfast for residents, so keep that in mind if we would like to gather up on Saturday morning, before heading out. (I do not think they sell meals to non residents).

Between writing Christmas cards, shopping for gifts, replacing the battery in my car and such Sue and I have yet to dive in on the taks to post up a list of points of attractions to plan to go to glass some birds and drag out the cameras. Keep posting your ideas on the thread. I really enjoyed digging into the links Lee put up from the DNR. I really hope as a group we can have several iteneries available for participants to take on. It goes without saying plan, plan, plan, and then do something else. **

Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, and dinner and Sunday breakfast list to follow. Keep submitting ideas.

** Disclaimer**
Sue and an avid birder and loves that I love photography, as I love her birding. She gets dozens or hundreds of emails posted by other birders and messages on bulitin boards of sightings of unusual birds. Sharing one car we may be subject to a side trip or two depending on what people send her. So I plan to travel light, warm clothes, tripod, my M2 and lenses and may end up in your car if she gets a ping and abandons me at one location we are shooting at, as she is off to find and glass the African Zoolu Gooney Bird sighted at the river inlet by the power plant or something like that. (would not be the first time)