If I understand you right, then this is your first contact to analog photography. You will have a lot of learning to do compared to your D800.I'm not shure if it did not make more sense to start a little bit smaller. 4x5 is a common size and the film is a lot cheaper. You must learn to develop your film, to meter, you must learn to operate the camera, scheimplug,...you have no histogram or preview and you can see what you have done first in the darkroom...and so on....
I myself own a D800e, realy a nice camera but 4x5 film blows it away, even if you only want to scan the negatives. My scanner is 18 years old but he gives me good quality scans with 10000x12000 pixel.
.....you allways can go bigger some day if you want and if you buy wisley you can use a lot of the stuff even for 8x10.
only my opinion