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Depend on your pain treshold
It will be far slower than to change lenses on a 4x5 and remember you need a cone or helical for each focal length on a dedicated 6x17
About getting helicals or cones it is not a problem, i can buy 10 if needed regardless of price, but then if setup lens and another will take long time then it may stop me, sometimes i am in rush and i have to start on a certain time then i must change a lens due to subject changes, not necessary change during one roll film, but the time of light such as sunsets, because we have very fast time moving and that sunset doesn't last long, so if i shoot with one lens and then i need to change the lens before that golden time or the best time is gone then it may be an issue, can you tell me from your experience how long it takes if i have 2 lenses with their cones to change swap between both on one 6x17 body?