Like I said, I really have no idea about the HCA, it was just what it said on Jack's chemical website... I just asked because everything else he says fits right in with all of my other info except for that one part.

It looks like I'll also be using Sodium Carbonate instead of potassium just from the fact that it takes less and is cheaper

My so-called final shopping list comes out to be in alphabetcal order:

Catechol: 250 g
Phenidone: 50 g
Potassium Bromide: 250 g (this should last a long time!)
Sodium Carbonate: 1 lb
Sodium Metabisulfite: 1 lb
Sodium Metaborate: 1 lb
Sodium Sulfite: 5 lb
Sodium Thiosulfate: 5 lb

This will be my first chemical order and am therefore starting from scratch. If anyone has any suggestions on different chemicals, different amounts, or additional chemicals let me know. The total cost including shipping comes up to be $93 and I'm hoping this will last me quite a while before having to re-stock up.