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Try Tmax Dev. DDX is it's copy or very similar Tmax Dev is great for images of soft gradation. It might seems expensive, everything is related to the quality you want to achieve. I use it as one shot 1+7 or 1+9.
If the Arista Premium Liquid doesn't pan out I'll probably go to something like Xtol. I've used it before at 1:3 and had very good results with both TMY-2 and Acros, but did not have Arista EDU 200 Ultra at that time. HC-110 is another option and I have used that years past. I'm looking for something that might be a little safer for my grandkids than say Rodinal or Pyro type developers and still be bought commercially. I haven't used Tmax developer since it first came out many years ago, but maybe it's worth a try if all else fails. John