Once again it is a busy work day so not much time for cameras.

I do want to try the oil on my 3C you mention as soon as I get through this roll of film. I have some good gun oil and I could apply it using the tip of a small screwdriver as you suggest and put off the CLA for a bit. I think the CLA will cost more than the camera. Will gun oil work just as well? If not I will need to buy some good machine oil.

As both of you indicate the Zorki's seem to have a great cost / performance ratio. I prefer low cost to luxury so I'm more than willing to put up with a few anomalies. I have two bodies, two lenses, and two cases for less than one BGN condition Nikon F body only and way, way less than the price for one of the Nikon rangefinders. Those things are priced high.