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Nice, good you posted those links, will help a lot.

In fact i was planning on Fotoman one and found one with good price even very expensive, but then your link of Shen Hao is getting same to that price, now i don't know if better to go with Shen Hao which has enough movements or with Fotoman and i am not sure it has any movement even just shift?

The table from Fotoman site about usable lenses indicates that i have 2 lenses listed, and even another lenses i am looking for to buy in the future also listed, so 4- lenses are fine to use for Fotoman, and i am sure they are with Shen Hao or Linhof or Horesman equivalent.
Rise/fall (not shift as these are incorrectly named) is my least used movement on my Shen 617. The really important movements for me are front tilt and swing, as well as rear tilt. All three of these movements allow focus control. I can control the plane of focus to either minimise diffraction, or to maximise what I can get in focus. The rear tilt allows me to emphisise foreground elements when using WA lenses. The Fotoman/Linhof/DaYi/Gaoersi designs just don't offer these benefits. They're good for point'n'shoot, or for scenes where you don't need focus plane control, but that was too limiting for me.

Which brings me to an important (to me) issue: I use a 72mm lens on my 617. You won't be able to use this on a 4x5 roll film back. You'll possibly struggle with a 90mm. Thus, again, they're way too limiting for me. I can use any of my lenses between 72mm and 400mm (Fujinon 400t) with ease.