I have no knowledge of Kiev cameras so I need your help.
This camera is offered to me as a Kiev model 2 or 2A (II or IIA).
It comes with a 2/5cm Jupiter-8M lens.

Here are some images from the seller:

Kiev-4A-front.jpg Kiev-4A-front-lens.jpg Kiev-4A-bottom.jpg Kiev-4A-open.jpg Kiev-4A-top.jpg

But looking at these sites I think it is a model 4A, because it hasn't two "stabilizing feet" beneath the bottom plate?

Its serial number is #6504396. Is it correct that the first two digits are the production year, making this a 1964 model?
I believe the model 4A was made between 1959-1980. The model IIA seems to be made between 1955 - 1959.

Asking price is Euro 99 (about USD 130). Is this a fair price if the camera is in good working order?

I don't really mind if it is a 2A or a 4A. They look almost the same and I only want it to shoot film with nice older rangefinder cameras.
And I like this model, also being a copy of a Contax. A real Contax is a bit more expensive so I'm willing to settle for a Kiev.

The seller said he didn't want to lower his price because it is an early model 2 or 2A. I don't think he is lying or cheating, but maybe just mistaken about the model. If I can show him it's a model 4A, maybe he will lower his asking price. I'm driving over tomorrow, so I will see.

An other question: is this a good & reliable camera to shoot with? I don't expect Leica quality but don't know what russian copy models are worth the effort or not.

Thank you for your help!!