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I'll just stay away from any oil for now until I can get it cleaned. I knew not to use the WD-40. As far as the CLA, half of me wants to dig into it and the other half says to send it off.

I had no idea the F's were that expensive new. I bought an F Photomic FTN a couple of years back for $140 in great condition, meter works great and everything. Since then I've shot more frames with it and my F2 than any of my other bodies combined, including digital if you don't count paid work. F2's are a different story. I went through several F2's before I actually found one I didn't send back. Most were badly worn or had issues with the power switch or meter. I finally kept an F2SB that was fairly clean. The meter didn't work so they cut the price to $79. I had to send the meter off to Sover Wong to get fixed but it works like new now. All totaled I paid the average going price for an excellent condition F2SB but the fact that the meter is essentially new makes it a good deal. I wonder how many of these new digital cameras will be around and working in 40 or 50 years........ Will there still even be file support for them?
I had a black F/ FTN, 50/1.4 made in 1972, it still had the bill of sale in the case - $460~. In '72 you could drive home a new Toyota for about $1800.

A modern top line DSLR is still about a quarter the cost of a new car, in 40 years it will be a useless curiosity - an F can be kept going as long as you want it to.

If you don't have experience working on small mechanisms, as well as the proper tools and a decent work area, send it off. Get some junk cameras like old SLRs to learn on