It is not a bad camera by any means quality wise, it simply was a more budget minded model compared to its big brother the Super A which can be had very cheaply now. So its better to get a Super A and put the CLA money into that, but you would not be wasting your money to fix the Program A if it means something to you unless something major turns out to be wrong with it that would require major parts to be scrounged up. I would guess regular servicing will sort the issue out since things likely just got hung up and are now out of sync. Parts are not an issue since they made a metric crap ton of these things over the years and most places have a pile of parts cameras on hand.

You can compare apples to apples here:
Ignore the prices and review scores as they are always totally screwed up but the boxes with tech specs and that brief description will tell you exactly why the one is better than the other.

The loss of the 1/2000 shutter speed is a big one for me as I like to shoot Ilford Delta 400 and on a sunny day its super handy for getting a shallower depth of field without using a ND filter.

You can use any Pentax full frame lens ever made with that camera (with M42 adapter for old stuff) so you have no shortage of high quality low cost used glass available to put on it if you stick with it.