I'm looking to purchase a Minolta CLE from a member over on RFF. I want to use the camera when the light gets low outside or even maybe some indoor stuff, and shoot mostly from f/2 - f/5.6 range. I've heard great things about the Rokkor's ansd that there are two models. The older Rokkor's are identical to the Leica 40/2 Summicron-C but are un-coated. And the newer CLE Rokkor's are Japanese made but are multi-coated. Can anyone recommend which lens is better wide open or if they are equal? I'm currently shooting a Nikon F100 with 50/1.8 and while the 50 is ridiculously sharp a few stops down, not so much wide open, and a RF is just nicer to focus in low light anyway.

So basically what 40mm lens do you recommend I get when preferring to shoot at or near wide open and how will it compare to the nikkor 50/1.8 I already have?