Bill Troops, author of the TF formulas (and co-author of the Film Cookbook) states that with alkali fixers you do not need HCA.

HCA - Just some sulphite in water will do. No need to mix it in advance (half a 35mm film cannister is OK, solve, use and discard after).

You may substitute borax for metaborate in the fixer (same amount; I used it both ways - no diference).

Get good jars with good covers to store all that.

Phenidone is very tricky to measure and solve, and many bad results with it are due to that. Make a 1 (or 2) percent solution and use it from the solution.

Two suggestions:

- Solve it in isopropyl alcohol (just alcohol - no additives like colors, perfume, etc). Some people use cheap vodka...
- Solve it in a metabissulfite solution mixed at 5g/liter.

I've used both; both works and I do not know which is the best.

No Photo Flo?

I do not use stop bath anymore - just plain water. No streaks or alike. All alkali processing.

Jorge O