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Wow ! Keep them interested until they will understand the difference between film and digital.
What do you think about mixing for them some Stoeckler. As safe as it gets, very simple to use and cheap.
Well, that thought has crossed my mind, but it would more than likely be D23 and maybe the two bath version. The reason I'm thinking two bath is because of their cameras. I bought ten Pentax IQZoom 90WR that once belonged to the State of Washington and gave each one of them a camera. I know it's not 100% manual, but it does have enough options for them if they want to learn more. Plus, they can drop them in the water with no ill effects. Two bath would help with their exposures I think. We'll see! I just don't want them getting hurt 'cause I'd never hear the end of it from their folks or especially from granny. Johnw